Best RV Battery Box: Top Picks and Reviews

Your RV battery is essential for powering all of your onboard equipment, from your lamps to your refrigerator. Your travel will be a little fun without any electricity, so it’s essential to take careful care of your RV battery and protect it from the elements with the right RV battery pack.

RV batteries are vulnerable to poor weather, high temperatures, shocks, bumps, and acid spills. They’re a frequent target for criminals, too. So buying a reliable, sturdy, weather-resistant storage box is a perfect way to prolong the lifetime of your RV battery and keep it protected.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best RV battery boxes money could buy to help you choose the right choice for your RV battery.

Types Of RV Battery Boxes

There is no particular specification for battery boxes, as they are all configured to fit each user’s needs. Each model of battery box has various features that both experienced and inexperienced RV campers can find useful.


A vented battery box is famous for its ventilation mechanism, as well as its capacity to be mounted within your rig, letting air and fumes flow through. Most packages contain a wall plug, an exterior vent, and a hose; this allows the RV camper to mount it as long as it has the equipment it needs.

It can be beneficial for those fans who like to keep their power source inside; nevertheless, it’s typically more costly than other models and a little more difficult to configure.

Custom And Modified

As the name suggests, a custom or adapted battery box comes from standard versions. The consumer has still modified it to include such functions, such as a locking mechanism or a basic ventilation slot.

It can be more dangerous for RVers to change an object since there is a small chance of breakage and may not be protected by the warranty.


Your standard product typically comes in black and is made of plastic or metal. There are no openings or vents to allow air to flow in, except for the cover.

More often than not, sellers prefer to offer this product when you buy your battery, but you can also purchase it individually for a small price. It doesn’t offer much security; nevertheless, it’s the most economical version of battery boxes.

DIY And Personal Project

If you don’t have a way to get the other forms of boxes, you should only make one. RVers with a passion for an old hammer and a nail can make a battery box of their own.

You can install features such as external locks and bolts, add airflow to allow air to flow in, and pick the material you want to use; the options are limitless as long as you have the appropriate products!

Best RV Battery Box In Review

So here is the collection of six of the best RV battery packs on the market right now. We’ve included designs in a variety of sizes and features ? so you’re sure to find the right battery box for your installation.

Minn Kota Battery Box

MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center 2 Pack

This RV battery box is simple to use and has a smart design that enables users to access the stations without removing the lid.

This design is ideal for groups of 24 to 27 batteries. It features a range of support mechanisms, such as 10A and 60A reset circuit breakers and a twelve-volt plug, to help you adjust your preferences. We especially like it has a constructed LED battery power meter, so you can verify how much charge you’ve left.

The product has a rugged surface and keeps your RV battery well secured while providing quick access to its terminal with no problems. It’s also pretty lightweight at only 1-pound and features top and side grips that make it easy to move and carry.

Thanks to a heavy nylon strap and a sturdy buckle, the lid stays tight. The lid also has downward-facing vents that allow for sufficient ventilation while effectively reducing ingress.

However, the vendor makes no note of temperature and UV resistance, so it might not be acceptable if you fly to harsh conditions daily.

Camco Heavy Duty Double Battery Box

Camco Heavy Duty Double Battery Box with Straps and Hardware - Group GC2 | Safely Stores RV, Automotive, and Marine Batteries | Measures Inside 21-1/2' x 7-3/8' x 11-3/16' | (55374)

The Camco Heavy Duty Double Battery Package is a decent choice for RV owners who need a box to cover two 6-volt or two 12-volt batteries. This model has been specially built to match and keep these sizes securely.

The Camco Double Duty Double Battery Box has a heavy-duty, robust build that is corrosion resistant. Solid polypropylene structure defends the battery from the elements, but it is also lightweight and simple to carry.

The lid may be removed to reach the battery terminals, and a tank molded into the base to securely store the acid from the battery. Integrated vents provide sufficient ventilation so that the vapors can escape, and the built-in handles on the sides are ergonomically shaped for easy holding.

While the lid cannot be closed, it comes with a heavy, woven strap and screw-in strap clamps to keep it tight after it has been mounted.

Since 6-volt and 12-volt batteries come in different dimensions, it is necessary to weigh your batteries first to ensure that they fit into this RV battery case. The interior dimensions of this model shall be 21. 5 x 7.-5. 4 x 11. 4 x 11.

Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box Power Center

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Smart Battery Box Power Center with USB and DC Ports

This skillfully built battery box comes with a range of features that make it a flexible and easy-to-use option. The Newport Vessels Smart Battery Control Center is ideal for Group 24 and Group 27 RV batteries.

It has external battery ports so that you can conveniently reach your battery without needing to open the lid and has built-in 10 and 60 Amp waterproof shunt capacitors to secure from electrical damage.

Some other fantastic feature of this RV battery pack is the built-in battery charger. When you hit a button, the LED lights will glow to remind you how much charge you have left and take away the need for some guesswork.

Besides, the Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box Power Center could also be used as a full-power outlet. It has a USB and 12V DC outlet so that you can charge your mobile phone, laptop or plug your warm blanket directly into the battery while you’re off-grid.

This package is durable and sturdy, but the manufacturer does not list a temperature rating or any incorporated UV safety. However, it has rubberized legs that keep it from slipping around while stored.

The Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box Power Center has an integral knob for fast transport and arrives with a thick brace to hold the lid safe when installed.

Overall, we feel this flexible model is a perfect choice if you want quick and easy access to your battery and like the thought of charging and controlling your smart devices from it.

Attwood Marine Battery Box

Attwood 9067-1-IR Heavy-Duty Acid-Resistant Power Guard Series 27 Vented Marine Boat Battery Box, Black

If you’d like a big and tough RV battery pack for the Group 27 batteries, the Attwood Marine Battery Box is a perfect option.

This big box has large dimensions built to suit 27 batteries and keep them safe with little space for motion and possible disruption during transportation.

The box is very sturdy and hard-wearing, making it suitable for trips in cold climates. It’s made of heavy-duty plastic to withstand the weather and protect your battery while on the road.

The Attwood Marine Battery Box has been thoroughly checked to ensure that it can meet rugged environments’ demands. It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures between 120F and-20F and is resistant to acid leakage in the battery.

The maker has also tested this model to ensure that it does not break or crumble if it falls to the ground.

This version comes with a harness and a brace that holds the cover securely closed and helps you to secretly mount it to your rig. These braces can handle an amazing 350 pounds of force, so you can be confident that your battery box doesn’t go anywhere. We like it has adjustable side handles for fast handling.

On the drawback, this rugged model has drainage holes in the lid’s top that will let the water in during the season. This is very frustrating despite the large-high-quality architecture, but if you mount it on the outside of your rig, you can easily change it if appropriate.

Camco Heavy Duty Battery Box With Straps

Camco Heavy Duty Double Battery Box with Straps and Hardware - Group GC2 | Safely Stores RV, Automotive, and Marine Batteries | Measures Inside 21-1/2' x 7-3/8' x 11-3/16' | (55374)

The Camco Heavy Duty Battery Box with Braces is another excellent option. This model suits the group size of 24 batteries and is made of polypropylene, making it compact and easy to carry around if needed.

Given its lightweight build, the Camco 55362 is rugged enough to maintain your battery well covered during your trip. It is flame, humidity, and corrosion-resistant so that any acid leakage will not burn through the base of the package. The lift-off lid has plenty of battery terminal headroom and is easy to detach for easy entry.

We appreciate that this version comes equipped with additional mounting accessories like stainless steel screws, durable woven bracelets for a comfortable fit, and bracelets.

The cable outlet holes between the lid and the body are a convenient size and orientation for snug mounting, too, so you don’t need to think about cable folding.

Although polypropylene is light and solid, it does not go too well with prolonged exposure to UV rays. So, if you live or spend a lot of time in warm places, this model may not be the right option for you.

That said, this model is a great choice if you’re looking for a rugged battery pack that’s safe, easy to mount, and easy to bring.

NOCO Snap Battery Box

NOCO HM318BKS Group 24-31 Snap-Top Battery Box for Marine, RV, Camper and Trailer Batteries

This heavy-duty battery pack is ideal for single-group 24-31 RV batteries and arrives with a dividing wall customized to accommodate various unit sizes.

We like battery box made of sturdy, reinforced plastic because it keeps your battery safe from the elements. Not only is it damaging immune, but it can also not be damaged by oil, coal, acid, or UV contact and can survive temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees without cracking.

Since it gives a tight fit, there is no space for the batteries to move about. This reduces the chance of unintentionally shortening the battery terminals on the lane.

The ventilated design helps the gasses escape, while the base reservoir securely absorbs any acid from the battery and prevents it from contacting the battery itself.

The rough lid helps secure the base with solid locking bars that keep it well and tight during shipment. When you need to move it, the enhanced handle makes it easier to navigate and reduce the chance of breaking when you transfer it.

This battery box is a nice, tough option to keep your RV battery safe and stable on your trip. The only drawback is that the vents will let in the water during heavy weather, so you might want to make drainage holes on the side and close up the top vents to avoid this.

Buying Guide For The Best RV Battery Box

Battery boxes may sound like a straightforward product initially, but identifying the perfect one for your requirements maybe even more complicated than anticipated.

If you’re still unsure which of the better RV battery packs is for your rig, our purchasing guide below has the answers.

Size Of The Box

Size is a crucial factor when selecting the right RV battery pack for your rig. The box should be big enough for the battery to fit inside but not so large that there’s space for them to travel about during shipping.

Some battery packs are compatible with a range of battery pack sizes and can come with a flexible divider to keep them steady if they’re a little short in the case. Each model should clarify the size of the battery they are appropriate for, so be sure to double-check the specs before purchase.

Weather Protection

If your RV battery box is installed outside of your vehicle, you may need to protect it from the elements. Batteries can be destroyed by water, UV rays, debris, and high temperatures. Still, based on your behavior, you’ll have to verify that your RV battery pack can handle these obstacles.

Just about all plastic RV battery boxes would be waterproof, but some versions will have lid vents to allow water during heavy rain. Therefore, if you’re traveling in regions with a rainy environment, it’s safer to look for a battery pack with drainage holes to keep the water out.

Any RV battery boxes have been tested for resilience and shattering at a range of temperatures. If you live or fly to places with harsh temperatures, these are the best choices.

The same happens to UV protection ? heavy sunlight will degrade and fade your battery box, reducing your battery’s amount of security. If you spend a lot of time in desert states, you should always search for a built-in UV defense model.


The cost of RV battery boxes ranges significantly across the spectrum of existing options. Any of the considerations that can affect the cost are the building materials, whether they have been tested for reliability or whether they come with any extra features or accessories.

That said, the most costly RV battery box isn’t exactly the best one for your needs. Reliable and robust battery boxes can be found in the price range of >$30, while more specialized models can cost as much as $50 and up.

Mounting Options

RV batteries are relatively massive, but when you pick your enclosure, make sure it’s sturdy enough to support the mass of your batteries when you’re assembled.

Many versions come with some keep-down braces and other hardware mounting attachments to help you safely attach the package. This is necessary to ensure that the battery does not change too far during transport.

Easy To Install

The perfect RV battery box for you was the one that was easy to mount without as much time and difficulty.

Some of the battery boxes will come complete with all the mounting hardware you need for a comfortable fit, but some cheaper brands do not.

Anyway, the installation directions should be simple and concise, so you can be confident that you’ve mounted it securely and properly before you reach the path.


The cover on your battery box should be securely placed and secured to ensure that it is well covered during travel and in poor weather.

But it’s also expected to be quick enough to open without trying. Such crates have locking latches, while others are kept in place with sturdy nylon belts and clasps.


The batteries are very large, and lugging them from location to location can be a bit of a strain. To make this job less challenging, we suggest that you search for a lightweight RV battery box that includes a sturdy, convenient handle for easy transportation.

Such versions have handles, while others may have ergonomic hand handles molded to the arms. The right choice would depend on our expectations for you.

Smart Features

More costly RV battery boxes can come with extra smart features, such as LED battery chargers, 12V outlets, and USB ports so that you can charge your devices off-grid.

Battery charge meters are especially helpful because they allow you to monitor your battery’s remaining charge without committing to speculation. Usually, the residual charge is reflected through the LED light panel by pressing a button.

USB ports and 12V outlets help charge your mobile phone and electronics if you don’t have a battery hook up, but because most RV owners can also carry a power pack onboard, you’ll have to consider this function is worth the extra cost.


RV batteries aren’t inexpensive, but, sadly, they’re a perfect target for criminals trying to make a fast buck.

Although every RV battery boxes are sealable, they serve as a barrier to robbers. When tied down and safely mounted, a robber would not be able to steal away your precious battery in the blink of an eye. They’re going to have to put some time into it first, thereby raising the probability that they will attract attention to themselves.

That said, whether you live or plan to fly in an environment that has a history of robbery or want more peace of mind, we suggest that you select a lockable battery box for maximum protection.


Why Do You Need An RV Battery Box?

Since it means protecting batteries from impact damage, understanding that a marine vessel or RV only has limited space, you might unintentionally brush against other things inside and end up damaging them, particularly while you’re on the sea. Besides, it helps keep the battery in place, decreases the chances of burglary, and dissuades the thieves because they know they will have a hard time getting into the casing.

Why Should I Buy The Best RV Battery Box?

The RV Battery plays a significant role in your journey; it powers your car, holds your devices, and lights running. Endangering your power supply, whether by chance or not, is a big effect on your RV experience, particularly when you’re off-grid camping; you’re not going to have someone to bail you out, and there are no RV stores nearby. It would be best if you still recommend investing in a battery pack as it keeps your travels problem-free and guarantees that you have a fun camping experience.


Many of the designs we’ve seen in our RV battery box reviews will make great choices. However, the best option for you varies on your setup and preferences.

If you’d like a super heavy-duty battery box that can withstand all the factors you bring to it, then we choose the NOCO Snap-Top Battery Box.

This model is made of highly tough reinforced plastic and is resistant to impact, acid, UV, gasoline, gas, and intense temperatures. It facilitates a huge spectrum of battery sizes and features powerful locking bars to keep the battery safe during your adventures.

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