Best RV Battery Box: Top Picks and Reviews

Could you imagine getting ready to get your trailer ready for a trip and you go to turn on the cabin lights but get nothing. You check the batteries and find that they have been stolen.

One of the biggest reasons for getting a battery box is to be able to keep your batteries in a location where they have plenty of ventilation.

They also need to be in a spot where they can be locked up, making it more difficult for would be thieves to steal them.

Some 5th wheels or travel trailers will come with a 12VDC battery and the box is only big enough to handle one. Many long term RV?ers prefer having 2 deep cycle 6 VDC batteries setup in series because they last longer.

If you?re in the same boat, er RV, then retrofitting a battery box that?s big enough for both would be ideal. These are called a dual battery box.

When you?re looking for the battery box, just remember to find one that has ventilation for the batteries. This will allow unwanted gasses to escape.

Another thing to check for is to make sure the battery box has weep holes or holes in the bottom to allow fluid to properly drain. If yours doesn?t come with one, you can create weep holes by drilling in the bottom of the box.

Why do you need a travel trailer battery box

Most Class A or Class C motorhomes have a compartment for the house batteries and don?t usually need a battery box.

Travel Trailers, on the other hand, have the batteries housed at the A frame of the trailer.

This is the same area where some bike racks can be mounted.?

Since it?s out in the elements, you want to store the batteries in something that can keep them safe from the elements.

For this reason, many battery boxes are made out of different materials. Depending on how secure you want you box, you can purchase something made from durable plastic or go with a higher end model made from steel with a sliding top for easy access to the batteries.

You?ll also want to make sure that any of the boxes have an area that you can lock the box so they don?t get stolen.

Where Can you get a battery box and how much do they cost

The battery boxes themselves can range in price from $13 all the way up to over $200. It all just depends on the materials used to make them and who is selling them.

Fortunately most of them can be purchased online and you have a few to choose from.


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