Used RV Under 5000$ – 7 Best & Cheapest Models – Further Negotiations Possible

– Various listed motorhomes as “used RV under 5000$” realizes much more value. Go for Brands like Jayco and Forest River, these are best for frugal but spontaneous RVers. We bought one for $5100, used it for a year, and sold it back again for $7200.

Used RV Under 5000
Used RV Under 5000 Dollars – 7 Super Affordable Options

Demand is Growing

By large, people have been skittish about staying in hotels and lodges, and this has spiked the sales of used and cheap motorhomes. Below we have compiled a list of 7 best-used RVs under $5000. These are in up-to-date conditions and are definitely not going to leave a hole in your pockets.

After spending most of the last summer inside due to COVID-19, vacation hotspots are closed or restricted – and rentals and sales for RVs and camper vans have revved up. One of the buyer’s concerns while purchasing an RV is the price tag.

Adventure in a domestic style has become the trend in the traveling industry post-pandemic. However, campers, different travel trailers, and RVs can be insanely expensive. A range of RVs come with a lofty price tag between $30,000 to $300,000, depending on what you choose.

Sometimes these tags become out of reach –

Considering the budget, a used RV under $5000 is a great option. A little coating, dusting, and mending of the dents can really turn it into a perfect home on wheels.

Used RV under 5000$ – 7 Cheapest and Best

Before we proceed further we’d like you to know how we picked them. 

If you’d be following us for RV tips consistently, you might have come across NADA guides – a portal that gives you the value of the recreational vehicle based on its wear and tear. We aimed at not picking up too old models and limiting ourselves with only the best used travel trailer under $5000, decently equipped to meet modern needs.

2011 Jayco Jay Feather Sport M-165

Used RV Under 5000 - Jayco

Listed for $15,929 the 18’ long RV retails for $4,450 at the least. Quite decent sized, this lightweight used travel trailer under $5000 is compact and has a layout similar to spacious ones.

The M-165 used travel trailer under $5000 boasts a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. With a sleeping capacity of five, this has a perfect dinette area as well. 

2013 Forest River Palomino Palomini M-131RL

Used RV Under 5000 - Palomino Forest River

Retailed at $4,450 as the lowest price, this 16.10’ long used RV under 5000$ has a sleeping capacity of four. With a carrying capacity of  1,776 pounds, we bet you won’t want to miss this beauty in size. A perfect option for those who wish to have an added dinette area in their home on wheels.

Winnebago Chieftain

Used RV Under 5000 - Winnebago

Another used RV under 5000$ that we recommend would be the Winnebago Chieftain. Well, this might come to you as a surprise that this is the first Class A RV with high storage that surpassed the style and handling of a traditional home on wheels. 

You can experience the freedom of adventure with this innovative and versatile traditional beauty from Winnebago. The customer-friendly construction of the used camper under 5000$ comes with a 5-star rating from its users.

In case you come across this Class A beauty there mustn’t be a second thought you’d make thinking about buying this. And the reason is, it costs near about half of $5000. You can close it in $2700!

We bet you would pat us for this choice of ours. It is a renowned Class A RV in the RV world, which needs a bit of paint proofing and mattress and foam change.

Heartland Cyclone 4012

Used RV Under 5000 - Heartland Cyclone

Up next is the Heartland Cyclone 4012. This all-new cyclone 4012 used travel trailer under $5000 offers an incredibly spacious “cross conversational” living area that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

If you are a music lover then this has to be your choice of used RV under 5000. There has never been so much space for living, sleeping and storage in a travel trailer ever. 

Feeling irked by the thought of buying a used RV and how you wished to buy fresh showroom pieces with all kinds of luxuries?

Freelander 22 XG

Used RV Under 5000 - Freelander 22XG

While on the quest to get you the best used RVs we came across Coachman Freelander 22XG, a class C RV, which features luxe amenities at an affordable price.

This motor home built on a truck chassis is easier to maneuver than the King-sized Class A. Easily accommodating four or five people, this RV is fitted with everything you’d ever need. And yes, this is the cheapest full sized RV we ever came across.

Used RV for Sale Under $5000 Near Me 

If you’ve been looking for options to buy used travel trailers for sale under 5000$ in and around Michigan, you could consider the Jay Flight Swift 185RB from Jayco which is priced at $4,841. This 2014-made travel trailer from Jayco is on sale in Columbus OH.

Another recommendation for used travel trailer under $5000 is the Travelstar 21SB by Starcraft. This 2005-made model priced at $3,981 is for sale in South Burlington, VT.

This light weight used travel trailer under $5000 is the best option for an RVer who considers the weight of the vehicle before buying one.

If you reside in Streetsboro, Ohio you must check out the Palomino 2100LTD, a 2914 model Palomino. Listed for $4,990, this popup camper has a sleeping space of 5.

Building RVs since 1968, Palomino is known to provide the best value in the marketplace. They are the premier full-line RV manufacturers in the industry today. This is a penchant favorite and we recommend you must have a look at this used RV under 5000$ for sale.

If we haven’t covered your area and you wish to know about used travel trailers under $5000 near me, click here.

Cheapest US States to Buy Used RVs

Used RV Under 5000 - Cheapest States to Find One
Used RV Under 5000 – Cheapest States to Find One

Purchasing a motor home is probably the second largest investment that one makes in a lifetime and so we thought to make this easier for you and searched for the cheapest state in the USA to buy an RV- a used piece though!

To end the word-of-mouth consensus- we landed in Arizona, Texas, and Florida which are apparently considered to be the cheapest state to buy used motor homes.

The theory is that most RVers tend to settle in these regions which widens the scope of variety in used RVs. Buying second-hand Rvs in these three states seems to be cheaper than in others in America.

So if you’re looking to buy used RVs for sale under $5000, you must and should visit these states once. And because of the cheap prices and a full range, the to and fro gas cost is negligible from even the farthest state you are residing.

Did you know?

One of the best means to cut down the pricing of an RV is to buy it in season. Now that you want a used RV under 5000$, you might want to play with the budget to fit in your pocket.

Well, during our research we found out that buying an RV during the cooler months of the year was the best time to name a rig for you. But why?

Apparently, dealers, salespeople, and private party sellers keep looking for ways in winters to get their rigs off their hands by offering steep discounts and incentives, luring one to buy them. In winters the RVs are not much on the roads and demand is less. In summers the demand shoots up.

Hence, revealed if you’re looking to buy one for yourself, you must surely do the honors in fall and winter, that means around the end of September maybe until November, when the sales nosedive fetching good discounts.

Avoid Lemons 

By far you must have realized that buying a used RV might be the best decision post-pandemic.  Considering the registration costs, sales tax, personal property tax, and insurance fee we believe buying a used RV under $5000 would be a smart decision for a first-time RVer.

With our list of options, we’re sure your decision to buy a used travel trailer under $5000 would be a cakewalk-wiser and cozier. 

Take our word! Buying a used RV under $5000 would ease your camping life. Plus the customized additions and sorted mechanical issues will give you the peace of all time, while you travel.