What to Do While Driving or Riding in Your RV

RV living is truly great in many ways but the actual driving of the RV can be stressful and tiring. As much as I loved going to a new place for a new adventure, I never like the driving part. It could be long and boring depending on the passing scenery and it would physically wear on you.

What to Do While Driving or Riding in Your RV


I think this is true no matter if you drive a RV or a regular car on long road trips. One of the best things we found to pass the time while driving was audible books. Before we headed out on the road we would search for a book that was similar in time to our driving time.

We?d do this before we got on the road since getting a signal on the road was iffy in some spots. We?ve listened to all kinds of books while on driving down the road such as autobiographies, history and fiction. Listening to the books made time pass so much quicker.

Here?s a safety caveat, if you?re new to driving a RV, then maybe wait on listening to a book while driving. You should be more diligent checking your mirrors, watching other drivers and the road ahead when you drive a RV because it?s wider, longer and taller than a regular car.

You can get away with not checking your rearview mirror as many times in a car. In a RV you want to know when that 18 wheeler is coming up on you because it?s going to make you sway and if you?re in the middle lane in heavy traffic, that small sway could cause an accident.

It was very stressful the first time I drove our RV on the interstate. It felt like maneuvering a tank around many smaller obstacles. It took me about a couple months of constant driving for me to finally feel comfortable driving it and knowing how it handled in different weather conditions.

Knowing how much sway an 18 wheeler would push it while passing, knowing how much space I had between the lines. How fast I could go up a mountain (not very) and how it handled on a six lane interstate.

Back to listening to books while driving. We got the Audible monthly membership since it had the largest library of audiobooks anywhere. For the monthly price of $14.95, you get 1 credit a month for an audiobook.
Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

If you?ve looked at prices on Amazon, most audiobooks cost 3x a regular book so it?s a good deal. They offer 30% off retail price for any audiobook you purchase and can cancel anytime. If you do cancel your membership, any book you purchased is yours to keep. If you drive a lot whether in a RV or not, it?s a great way to pass the time till you arrive at your next adventure.

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