Why Are Airstreams So Expensive? The Travel Secret Revealed!

Quality! Craftsmanship! Durability!

These are your straight answers to one of the most boggling questions of RV life – Why are airstreams so expensive?

If you’ve always wanted to own your own trailer but fear the hefty price tag that comes with the purchase, I hear you!

Today, I give you the FULL LOWDOWN on all things Airstream!

Who knows? This could be your next best ride!

Airstream Trailer 101

It’s easy to dismiss the special qualities of any expensive object when you have this heavy price tag shining blinding lights directly at your face.

But think of Airstreams as these pricey chocolates you treat yourself from time to time. Delicious and worthwhile down to the last drop!

Let me take you down the features that make these mighty airstream RVs reign supreme in price over other RVs from other brands.


Did you know that Wally Byam, the creator of the first-ever Airstream trailer, also organized international caravans back in the day?

His invention helped create a wider community for Airstream trailer enthusiasts! This niche community has been growing strong throughout the years.

Its loyal fan base looks glowingly towards the high-quality materials and meticulous construction process involved in making these travel trailers.

One of the biggest reasons why Airstreams are costly is due to their higher construction costs.

The Power of ALUMINUM

Oh, the sweet sound of QUALITY!

The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy riveted over the steel outer shell, serving as protection for the exterior.

The interior also gets extra support, thanks to the aluminum body of the inner shell riveted after a layer of insulation has been placed.

All these rivets are placed by hand to ensure that there’s NO damage to the frame and that the final product is sealed watertight. It even has double frame subfloors to prevent rotting!

You could say Airstream goes HARD with its love for aluminum construction – but that’s only because they believe in strong and quality construction for the long haul.

Airstream RVs and travel trailers also undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure that every model released has no damage and is safe and ready to use!


Indeed, Airstream brand trailers are works of art.

I’m talking about 350 hours of HAND BUILT labor on these travel trailers – compare that against the 50 hours done on your standard RV.

Airstream takes pride in the works of skilled laborers putting their time and knowledge into creating masterpieces for the road.

Airstream RVs arguably have one of the most recognizable designs among all the RV brands out there. The famous aluminum body over a steel frame is quite the quintessential trailer look.

This design is amazing because it makes the travel trailer sturdy and hard-wearing without weighing too much!

This means that in terms of towing capacity, Airstream trailers are the easiest to tow compared to other trailer brands.


The airstream RV brand remains firm on their founder’s mantra, which is:

“We never make changes; only improvements.”

You can see these powerful words reflected in their RVs and travel trailers decades on.

FUN FACT: A whopping 75% of Airstreams made since 1931 are still being used

The beautiful thing about the Airstream RV is that they are ” generational,” which means that you can carry these rides with proper care even for the next 50 years or so.

That’s against other RV brands who could only live an average lifespan of ONLY 10-15 years.

There are also MORE accumulated maintenance costs required on these other trailers compared to the sturdy Airstream trailers.

On to More Reasons…

Okay BUT, Why are Airstreams so expensive again?

If the three reasons above still light a question mark on your mind…

Allow me to shine focus on more answers to help you understand why Airstream models can even take SUPREME VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY like no other can.


One of the most obvious reasons why the Airstream stands out is due to the trailer’s unique shape.

Its streamlined and curved surfaces are some reasons why Airstream trailers tend to be expensive to manufacture.

However, they are still highly loved by many enthusiasts!

I love how it looks ultra-modern yet simple. It reminds me of a space capsule of the future – a stark contrast to the bland and dragging monotone colors of your typical RV or travel trailer.

Another appeal of these steel frame machines is that many RV owners are retrofitting. They also restore vintage Airstream trailer models to their personalities.

Let this image take the reins as you BUILD YOUR DREAM AIRSTREAM MOTORHOME.

High Resale Value

Airstream RVs have become quite a catch among RV and travel trailer enthusiasts, and this speaks to the higher resale value it has compared to other brands.

For one, Airstream trailers are DURABLE. An aluminum exterior preserves and extends the machines’ average lifespan because they don’t get too many scratches.

Even as a second-hand model, you will be able to resell your Airstreams at a high price with less damage.

Another reason for the high resale value : the Airstream has become quite the pop culture icon.

Did you know that Airstream RVs have been featured in several movies such as Charlie’s Angels, Independence Day, and even Wall Street: Money Never Sleep?

Some celebrities like Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, and Sandra Bullock also own Airstream trailers!

What better way to feel like you’re part of Hollywood than by driving an Airstream of your own.


If there’s anything Airstream can give you, it’s the enjoyment of LUXURY.

Yes, Airstream can come with a hefty price tag, but that’s equally returned with its magnificent services and oh-so-sleek exteriors!

Moreover, Airstream trailers are also known to be equipped with luxury appliances like faucets from Moen.

The luxury models that Airstream rereleases time and time prove that they will go the extra mile to provide quality trailers with components they’ll know will last you for the long haul.

I am nothing short of the high life with my Airstream road adventures, from the stylish exteriors to luxe indoor living.

So Is Buying Expensive Airstreams Really Worth It?

Buying an RV, regardless of the brand, IS A BIG CHOICE. The amount of investment and maintenance you will need to shell out is a large sum.

That being said, if you’re looking for ultra-durable and aesthetically pleasing trailers, Airstream seems like one of your BEST (if not the best) bets that will surely stick with you for years to come.

I love the Airstream quality in products because it’s not just a brand that sells trailers to earn profit.

They are passionate about giving you high-quality and top-of-the-line components for your hard-wearing trailers.

That’s just on top of the HOURS OF HAND-BUILT CRAFTSMANSHIP exhausted for every one of these trailers.

Really, the short of it all is: Airstream trailers are built to last.

Yes, you might have to pay much more in the beginning to acquire this great trailer, BUT the amount you will be able to save on maintenance further on is just astounding.

What Makes Airstream Trailers Unique?

Many cool things about Airstream RVs keep them tailed with such a huge and loyal fan base.

The iconic aluminum bullet shape and cozy yet well-built furnishings are the icings that make up the overall delicious QUALITY components Airstream owners enjoy while traveling on these trailers.

The list could really go on, but I think what really sets this brand apart from its competitors is the METICULOUS attention to detail and skill placed in making each of the models.

Like nurturing parents, a worker of Airstream spends tons of hours carefully building each new airstream trailer to ensure that utmost care is given to it!

You could say, Airstream is truly a labor of love.

Pros of Airstream Trailers

High-Quality Materials and Construction

Just simply opening or closing the doors on your Airstream trailers makes quite the difference in feeling the sense of *chef’s kiss* quality that one yearns for in an RV.

Everything on the airstream travel trailers is built well.

Furniture and cabinetries on here are not just stapled! They are literally made to fit the structure’s shape. This means you won’t go dealing with things falling apart anytime during your travels.

There’s also something special about Airstream’s unique construction process.

It ensures you get a trailer with the following qualities:

  • Lower center of gravity
  • Even weight distribution
  • Overall better performance on the road.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Great quality materials mean fewer bills to pay.

Why? Because great care has been taken so that every material built into these machines will endure the traveling pains of the long adventure.

The aluminum body on Airstream RVs does not need as much care nor sealing and is actually more on the water-resistant side when compared side by side to other Class B RVs you see on the market.

Reap this benefit, on top of the thrill of riding one cool heck of a ride!

It’s a Cool Looking Ride for All Generations

Speaking of which… My favorite part about Airstream trailers is that I can jazz up my ride in an infinite amount of ways.

Google searching Airstream renovations put a huge smile on my face. Seeing travelers put their creative spin on their home feels just as much as getting to know them in real life!

How so?

A peek into their humble homes says so much about their personalities, quirks, and even hobbies! A painting here, a wall hanging there…

Who knew something as simple as an aluminum bullet can take you to different worlds and dimensions quite instantly?

Cons of Airstream Trailers

It’s an Investment

Airstreams cost a lot.

A luxury model could start at $37,900 and could even reach up to $156,400.

While you pay for the QUALITY that comes with these trailers, buying into this huge purchase may not be practical if you will only be taking the road once in a blue moon.

Then again, this goes down to personal choice.

Limited Storage

Many owners of Airstreams often comment on the limited exterior storage found in their trailers.

Because of this, they go on to the hassle of being pickier about the things and gears they bring with them on the road.

Moreover, most of the current Airstream models do not include slide-outs.

What does that translate to then? Less space to store your things.

This poses a problem for the RV traveler used to spacious living.

Some Airstream RVs You Can Choose

Airstream has been in the TRAVEL GAME FOR YEARS, and the number of models to choose from can get quite overwhelming.

Don’t worry! I’ve handpicked some sample airstream

Airstream Flying Cloud

Source: Airstream.com


  • Exterior Length: 23 ft
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 6
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR): 6000 lbs

One of Airstream’s most popular models is the Flying Cloud because it stands as a good middle ground that includes features found in all other Airstream models.

The 2020 model comes with an outstanding 16 floorplans to choose from.

The sheer volume of this may be mind-boggling at first, but trust me when I say there’s definitely one that suits just what you are looking for.

What Does It Have to Offer?

Do you want to enjoy outdoor picnics with friends and family while on travel? This Airstream has got you covered.

The rear hatch used to be a limited edition feature but is now an amazing standard on the Flying Cloud!

Another plus of this is that it also serves as an easy access site for loading your cargo or accessing your storage EASILY.

Let’s walk inside towards the bedroom to find the coziest-looking queen-size bed ever. Overhead is a wraparound window for the most beautiful views upon waking up.

The shower amenity is equally spacious, with enough headroom and legroom for a COMFORTABLE bathing experience.

The bathroom situation? Just PRISTINE, from the porcelain toilet to Moen faucets. There are also just amazing storage spaces all around the room.

The Flying Cloud will really have everything to keep you feeling up on cloud 9 throughout your whole adventures!


  • Convenient wraparound window fr sightseeing purposes
  • Hassle-free bathroom experience
  • Hatch in the rear area provides massive storage


  • Most expensive on the list

Airstream Globetrotter

Source: Airstream.com

Specifications: (Based on the 25FB Twin model)

  • Exterior Length: 25 ft 11 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: up to 6
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR): 7300 lbs

Oh, the grand space on these trailers!

The great thing about the Globetrotter is the unbelievable moving space indoors that gets you swinging around EASILY.

And that’s on the nifty storage space integrated EVERYWHERE around the trailer. From the kitchen, under the lounge, overhead in the bedroom, and the very spacious wardrobe.

The large dinette space easily converts into sleeping areas. Step right into the kitchen and find yourself in a very smartly designed floorplan that lets you efficiently get your cooking work done.

Indeed, traveling the globe in the incredible Globetrotter has never been this easy!


  • Convertible dinette space
  • Storage is spread out evenly


  • None we could find

Airstream Basecamp

Specifications (Based on the Basecamp 16 model, specifications can differ in other models)

  • Exterior Length: 16ft 3 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: up to 2
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR): 3500 lbs

Source: Airstream.com

The Basecamp is the compact solution to fire the wanderlust spirit in you.

It’s Airstream’s lightest and smallest trailer, so you bet you can get the best fuel economy on these models!

The exterior construction of these tiny but mighty machines is astounding, and it really prepares you for any road adventure ahead.

That’s coming from the handy solar port down to the four heavy-duty stabilizing jacks.

Walking inside, you’ll see a cute little feature on its door – a whiteboard to keep little notes as reminders for the family!

The large enough hatch serves as your storage room because it lets you insert large gears like bikes. Otherwise, let this be an amazing way to peek out into the outdoors or breathe in some fresh air.

Move over slide-outs! The unique thing about this Airstream model is that you can hook up an attachable tent on it!

In just 30 to 40 pumps, an inflated tent is assembled to create 2 additional rooms.

More space equals more fun.


  • Most lightweight on the list
  • Saves gas thanks to its compact size
  • Comes with an extra tent to accommodate more people


  • Can only fit up to 2-3 people

Airstream International Serenity

Source: Airstream.com

Specifications (Based on the 30RB model)

  • Exterior Length: 30 ft. 11 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: up to 6
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR): 8,800 lbs

If relaxation on wheels is what you seek, the International Serenity might be the travel trailer you need.

Imagine spending a quaint Sunday looking at the sun-drenched mountain greens over the panoramic windows or spending a cozy night in the calm privacy of your blackout curtains.

Take the leisure of controlling the temperature on your trailer with the Airstreams Quietstream Climate Control system.

I love how there is minimal noise produced on these ducts. Just perfect for cooling my area for a silent and mellow sleep.

Cooking comes so easy as well, with a spacious environment built with furniture comparable to residential kitchens!

The dinette also transforms as additional sleeping space when the need arises!

Tie all these up in a wonderfully designed eastern-inspired interior and choose from among the three beautiful decors to take your zen to a whole new level.


  • LONGEST trailer on the list
  • Adjustable and customizable temperature


  • Shower is not caulked and installed properly

Airstream Caravel

Source: Airstream.com


  • Exterior Length:16 ft 2 in
  • Sleeping Capacity: up to 4
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR): 4300 lbs

The lightweight Airstream’s Caravel is the modern and sleek new ride perfect for small families taking on a big adventure!

Take precious moments outdoors under the awnings brightened by an LED light strip.

If that’s not your thing, you can take the fun indoors. Enjoy a movie or two in the entertainment center, including a DVD player, radio, and LED HD TV.

Missing home-cooked meals? The kitchen is just incredible here, from a three-burner gas stove and microwave to a Baraldi Cooking Vent and Moen Faucet.

It’s truly the space to enjoy making memorable meals for family and friends.

My favorite part of the Caravel – the very spacious rear bathroom. Unwind and relax after a long day, with enough legroom to spare!


  • Family-friendly entertainment center
  • Complete set of kitchen materials


  • All-electric refrigerator quickly loses battery life

Take One for the Road…

Again, Why are airstreams so expensive?

Well, it all boils down to the brand’s overall production process and choice of materials. The LUXE you get on these well-built machines is truly amazing.

With that being said, the high price you pay NOW could save you maintenance and repair costs in the future. Trust me.

A reliable ride with a cool exterior to boot?

Count me in on these amazing Airstream rides now!

Who knows, you might be up for your next best adventure yet.