Winegard Connect vs Wifi Ranger

RV owners are always on the go, and one of the most important things to take with them is a reliable form of internet connection. But there are all sorts of factors that can affect your RV wifi range, from terrain to atmospheric conditions. For this reason, many RVers carry along WiFi range extenders for their RVs-to ensure they never lose connectivity again.

Two of the most popular types of WiFi Range Extenders are the Winegard Connect and Wifi Ranger. Which should you choose? What’s the difference between them? And which one should you get for your RV? Let’s find out!

Winegard 434719 ConnecT 2.0 4G2 (WF2-435) 4G LTE and Wi-Fi Extender for RVs

Quick comparison of Winegard Connect and WiFi Ranger

The Winegard connect is perfect for RV owners. It can be connected to your DC power outlet, allowing you full access of the internet while on-the-go! This model also broadcasts private and public networks so that it will work with AT&T as well as Verizon up until 4G LTE speeds are available in any location where this device might have been mounted – inside or outside the vehicle.

The Wifi Ranger is a great solution for those who want to be able to stay connected and stream videos, music or even work remotely. It’s perfect indoors as well because you won’t have any problems with signal strength even though it takes standard direct current power! The device broadcasts networks so that all members of your family are always online without running into dead zones anymore – just make sure not get this outside since its hardware may not hold up outdoors too much longer if left often enough in harsh conditions.

Winegard Connect Overview

The Winegard connect is a great way to get your RV on the Internet. This device can amplify signals, give you access through Wifi extenders and 4G LTE satellite networks– all in one!– so that users are never too far from their favorite websites or streaming videos again!

Winegard works with a couple of different internet service providers to give you access no matter where your are. If you want the standalone Wifi extender version instead of just having one, it will cost less but won’t provide satellite internet either way

Winegards newest product can amplify local signals so that they’re strong enough for whatever device or app requires them most- even if there’s no WiFi nearby!

The Winegard connect is a great way to keep your media players, computers, tablets and smartphones connected. It amplifies Wifi coverage so you can surf the web at higher speeds or share files with ease!

All you need to set up your Winegard Connect is a wireless 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz network and the devices that will be connecting wirelessly through it!

Winegard will provide you with an antenna, 20-foot power cable and all of the exterior mounting hardware needed. It also comes equipped for interior installation in your home or office through use of the extender kit!

The Winegard Connect is a powerful wifi extender that has an amp and can be used with either AT&T or Verizon. This device measures 16 inches in diameter, which makes it small enough to sit inconspicuously on your countertop without taking up too much space- perfect if you don’t want an eyesore looming over head while using the internet! When we say lightweight at 3.75 pounds may seem like quite some weight considering most other models hover around six plus pounds but this little guy packs quite punch (pun intended)!

The Winegard Connect is a Wifi extender that truly has it all. Whether you opt for the 4G LTE version or not, this unit will provide reliable and powerful signal strengths so your RV WiFi stays strong no matter where life takes you! It comes with durable casing which makes mounting easy on either inside or outside of an RV; lightweight compactness make setting up quick and painless (literally), while also providing simple installation steps if needed). And finally – once everything’s hooked up properly we’re sure there isn’t much else necessary other than enjoying extended internet access.

Wifi Ranger Overview

If you need a powerful wifi extender for your home or RV, the Wifi Ranger is an excellent choice. It has been designed with ease of use and quickness in mind so that all those who own RVs can get their hubs up and running as soon as possible–especially when they’re away from home!

To get the Wifi Ranger up and running, you will need to plug it into an outlet in your RV. Then connect it through WiFi so that all of our broadcast sources are within range! Once this has been accomplished, simply sit back as we rebroadcast any nearby wireless signals for better reception on devices like smartphones or laptops- even tablets if needed!

Connect this device with one WiFi signal and you can have two other devices connected wirelessly too! It even has LAN ports built into the unit so that you can connect hardwired devices like entertainment consoles or gaming systems; plus lighted display will make set up easy peasy lemon squeezy (I mean simple)!

With the Wifi Ranger, you can rebroadcast one signal that is public so your guests and neighbors can connect to it. You’ll also have access private password protected network.

The kit comes prepared with everything needed including cables.

The Wifi Ranger is also a simple wifi extender design. Their parent company made it incredibly easy to install, plug-in and set up so that you can connect all of your wireless devices with just one signal in no time at all! The only downside might be the 4G connectivity which isn’t quite as fast or reliable as 4G LTE.


Your RV is a mobile home, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. With these Wifi extenders you can connect and share the experience of online life with others as if your were at home! The Winegard Connect will help enhance any signal from outside sources so that they reach their full potential inside or outdoors- even on Verizon 4G LTE networks (up until around 50 feet).

However, there are several ways to watch TV, and satellite is one of the best. If you want access without relying on your internet connection for it then I recommend trying a streaming service which will allow recording shows/movies streamed from streaming services like Netflix—it works great with no noticeable buffering issues!